I worked at relayto/, an enterprise software startup based in London, for about 9 months. While my title was "Content Lead," my responsibilities encompassed marketing, sales, design, copywriting, editing, recruiting, managing, and business research and development. While many changes were implemented to the software while I worked at relayto/, one of the biggest changes took place on the landing page and front-facing UX/UI.

I recruited a Dutch designer, Anne Groenewegen, to help with graphic design and general UI. We spent weeks in A/B testing, fine-tuning the copy, branding and UX. This is a huge improvement from the previous landing page.

Relayto/ is a stealth startup that remains in alpha mode. For exclusive access, go to

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The Manifesto

The Manifesto

With a broad vision at an early-stage start-up, it felt incredibly important to identify the brand's mission on the website. Thus, the manifesto was born:

There is magic and genius in every person, you just need to share your ideas with the world. We believe everyone from salespeople and marketers to executives and HR can create content with character - all it takes is a great idea and an intuitive tool. We built the tool. Now is the time to unleash your ideas.

We dream of a world where your communications aren’t trapped in email inboxes and lousy-looking presentations. A world where content and technology work for you and your audience -- and not the other way around. A world where your ideas make work beautiful. Let’s make this world a reality. Let’s make magic happen.